Actual Facts of Self Vs The Opinions of Others

Have you ever heard this powerful statement “Do not allow the opinion of others to outweigh the actual facts”. What are your actual facts? An actual fact is a fact that is real, existing in reality, existing at this time and based on truth. An opinion is a belief based not on certainty but on what seems true or probable. Opinions are uncertain, doubtful at times, not dependable and not sure in knowledge. An actual fact should never be outweighed by someone’s opinion. The truth of an actual fact must be attached to a belief. If we do not believe the actual fact, that does not reduce or limit its truth. What it limits is our actual knowledge about us or about a thing. Knowledge and belief are related. Knowledge requires belief, yet belief does not require knowledge. I believe that knowledge of self (who we are), (actual facts) helps us avoid pitfalls made by the many that came before us. How? These facts keep us focused on the truth of who we are, which is the foundation for the principles of belief, so we are not affected or misguided by what others think about us.

Belief has Power
Why is it easy to let go of an actual stated truth (ex: you are beautiful or you are a goddess) and let come into our mind someone’s uncertain opinion (ex: you are worthless or any other disrespectful name)? We take the opinion of others and act on them, as if they are truthful. It should not be easy to ignore actual facts but sometimes the truth hurts, especially if we are not ready for it. If a person can convince us with their opinions that we are worthless, failures, unworthy of success, less than, no good, not smart, not motivated, lazy, not good wives or mothers, excuse makers, will never amount to anything, are just bad people, sometimes those opinions will block our motivation required to strive.

We mistakenly take their opinion as a belief, based on the way we feel about ourselves or we do not know who we are. Again, belief does not require knowledge. Normally, if a person states an opinion that does not represent us; we would either correct them or ignore them because we know it is not an actual fact. We would then move about unaffected. If we feel we are worthless, ignorant or unworthy of greatness, the opinions of others will substantiate our belief. What you believe sometimes controls your actions. Belief has power and this power can be used to move individuals into higher levels of consciousness. It also can alter potential and destroy dreams, lives and aspirations through inaccurate opinions, knowledge, assessments and analyses from people who dictate misinformation.

What are the Actual Facts of Self?
Knowledge is the application of lessons learned that effectively guide decision-making. It cannot be obtained without believing in something. I like to use the analogy of automobiles when describing our lack of understanding our actual facts. Many of us are traveling along the highway of life at rates of speed that are much slower than what was placed in our original design. We are created by the most excellent originator whose talent surpasses all. We are truly built with unlimited ability and potential, with specifications that are state of the art. We are also designed to travel at an expeditious rate of speed. These specifications that are placed within the original design are the actual facts of our automobiles ability. This ability is present regardless of our use of our ability. If we rely on someone’s opinion regarding our ability and do not know the actual facts of our ability, we may find ourselves being left behind by others who know who they are.

Who are we?
We are truly the Mother’s of Civilization. We are not what we do. We are not what we have achieved educationally. We are not what we have. We are not what other people think we are. We are not reduced or limited in ability based on the opinion of others. We were innately spiritual with high skills and abilities. We are exceedingly intelligent, righteous women, with the ability to be compassionate, supportive, loving, a mother, sister, aunt, teacher, grandmother, doctor, scientists, etc……….. We are the best at everything we do, only if we would like to be that. We are the Master influencers of our communities, societies, the nation and the world.

Know your Attributes
We must know what our attributes are. An attribute is an inherent characteristic or a distinguishing quality. Quality is the essence of standard that makes one person or product better than the other. The qualities of a person are the attributes that determine the person’s basic nature. What makes you a great women? Some attributes can be described as trustworthy, helpful, motivated, problem solvers, creative, detail-oriented, compassionate, caring, loving, energetic, organized, dependable, responsible, focused, articulate, kind, generous, wonderful and so on…
There are two ways we can uncover our attributes:

1) What characteristics have we demonstrated in the past? We can use our past experiences to highlight attributes or characteristics that best define us.
2) Identify the best image or attributes of the ideal self (personal)? We can also acknowledge the attributes that would represent our ideal self and strive to achieve our best image.

More importantly, what do we believe or think about ourselves? A great adage that I will always remember is “Those who control the diameter of your thinking, controls the circumference of your actions”. We must be able to see beyond the majority with our vision and imagination. We have the power of belief to achieve whatever we visualize. Know the actual facts of self. Know who you are and disregard the opinions of others that do not truly reflect the true self. Let us be patient and watch all that we desire manifest.