Opinion is Relative, Not Absolute

If we want to learn, we need to ask. As a student, a worker or a parent, we require taking opinion from others. We can’t live our life without taking necessary advice from fellow human beings. These advices are so important that they play a pivotal role for all our major and minor life decisions.

But we also understand that “opinion is relative, not absolute”. Take a one dollar coin. You look it from one side and ask your friend to look from other. If you see a Tail, your friend sees a Head. If it is day for me in US, it is night for my friends and relatives in India.

If we want to choose a university, buy a car, want to get married, want to know which departmental store is good, want to know about a political leader, want to know if the career you like to choose is good or not, for everything – we have “opinions”.

Many times, we might not be mature enough to take decisions on our own due to our lack of knowledge and life experience. Why make a mistake when someone has already walked through the path of success and failure, and can give us right guidance and direction? In this scenario, we ponder over what is told to us and make a decision accordingly.

Suppose you want to buy a motor vehicle. So you decide to ask your friend on this. If this friend don’t have car, but have a motorcycle, then the advice he might give is “Hey don’t buy car since you need to pay insurance, pay gas and other expenses. So better buy a motorcycle.” You tell this to your friend that you are going to buy a motorcycle, you might get this opinion “What you are telling dude. Why buying a motorcycle. It will be very difficult to travel long distance with a motorcycle. Try to get a car.”

Now you decided that you are going to spend some dollar’s extra and buy a car and thus comes the part of selecting a car. Ask your friend who owns a BMW, and your will get the advice that “You buy BMW since it is the best”. A friend who owns a Honda Accord will give you the advice “Buy Honda Accord since it is the best”. Try Japanese cars. Try American cars.

And the list goes on and on and on….

We should take genuine advice, and value the advice we get. We cant live without advices from our fellow beings. But we also remember that the opinion is relative and not absolute.

We should understand that opinion is something which is relative and not absolute. The educational, religious, or environmental factor’s all decide the opinion a person gives us. A person himself could change his opinion when his so-called above factor’s changes.

For each and everything, we get opinion and all these opinions are actually based on the personal experience of person giving the opinion. We just need to take these opinions as advices and have to use our investigative power to decide what is right and what is wrong.

At the end of the day, we are responsible for our decision. If your car gets break down, you can’t blame the person who suggested you to buy that car. If the apartment we purchased is not good, you can’t blame the person who sold you the apartment.

I believe this is true to religious belief too. Whether you are an Atheist or a person who believes in God, or decide on which religion to be part of ,the consequences of your decision is to be enjoyed or suffered by you and only you and we can’t put the blame on our friends, relatives, and spiritual leaders who contributed to our decision. They just gave us their “opinion”, but it is we who believed it and made it part of our life. Remember, opinion is relative, not absolute.

Since we know that opinion is relative and not absolute, it is very important to take opinion from others just to know what they feel on the topic and not to buy their opinion. We have the capability to think, to investigate, and to read more on the topic, to decide which is right and which is wrong. This capability to think and decide on our own is what exactly which make us human and is something the animals lack.