The Essential Hotel Guest – When Your Opinion Matters

As you’re planning a trip, the options for accommodations can be overwhelming. Combing through hotels and picking the best options based on your price, location, hotel supplies and amenities preferences isn’t easy. As you review hotels, keep in mind that most will meet or beat a competitor’s rate. Finding several hotels in a given area with similar rates, amenities and hotel supplies is normal. Hotels know most people want the best room they can afford even as they differ in terms of preferred amenities, rates and locations.

Survival in the hotel industry means delighting guests with unique, high quality hotel supplies, conveniences and other helpful extras. The managers of hotels realize that maintaining high occupancy rates depends on satisfied guests, exceptional customer service and useful amenities. Achieving consistently high occupancy rates is essential for a variety of reasons. This is where you come in. If there are hotel supplies you’d like to see, let the hotel know. If you were delighted with your stay, you’re more likely to pick the same hotel from the available hotels next time you visit. Conversely, if it was a nightmare, you’re not apt to return.

People travel for a variety of reasons, visiting friends and family among them. Complimentary toiletries and coffee service are among the hotel supplies and amenities that matter to some while others are satisfied with a hot shower. When you travel you’re likely to see a variety of hotel supplies depending on where you stay. While there are hotels that have pared down the amenities they offer to save on expenses, most hotels have realized that cutting back on amenities might affect occupancy rates and have made necessary cuts in other areas. They realize that guests notice lower quality or fewer hotel supplies.

Hotels are keenly aware that a free continental breakfast and plush towels are among the amenities and hotel supplies consumers expect. They can affect your decision to reserve a room and therefore they can affect occupancy rates. That’s one reason why which hotel supplies a hotel buys matters. Another common amenity that hotels and lodges offer is a free continental breakfast as a value-added amenity. Breakfast can be anything from do-it-yourself waffles to full breakfast buffets. Regardless of the presentation, as with other amenities and hotel supplies, it’s meant to impress you and reflect better value than the competition.

People travel for business and pleasure no matter the state of the economy which affects hotel occupancy rates. Families may stay local while others will travel further away but spend less. Businesses of every size are reducing the off-site training they do and scheduling fewer conferences at hotels. Managers of hotels know that they won’t be sold out on a regular basis and that keeping occupancy rates high at all times isn’t usually realistic. Having said that, hotels make every attempt to keep you happy because you’re their guest and what you think matters. At the end of every day, your thoughts and preferences affect their business.