Why You Need Backpacker Travel Insurance

Thousands of us each year decide to up sticks ad go on an adventure to the four corners of the world. We all go for different reasons, to explore another culture, to put off working, to find ourselves etc. Whatever your own personal reason it is important that you first get the boring stuff out of the way. Being prepared before you go away can go along way to ensuring you have a much more enjoyable time away.

Something that is often overlooked is backpacker travel insurance, many travellers either don’t think about it or chose not get any. In my opinion, for many reasons, this is a bad idea. Although most of us do not look to dwell on the negatives, it is possible that you will run into some kind of trouble on your trip. Now, many people go away and come back months or years later, having had a safe and trouble free time. However, there are also those who unfortunately encounter problems along the way. Having backpacker insurance gives you a safety net to fall back on when things go wrong.

Nine times out of ten, as a backpacker your funds will be limited and the little money you do have, you will want to spend on funding once in a lifetime experiences. Paying huge amounts of money out to cover medical expenses or lost luggage is not featured in many travellers’ budgets. Take for instance, a friend of mine who recently had a skiing accident and was forced to shell out close to £1000 in medical bills, without backpacker insurance this kind of expense would not be possible for most of us. Is especially important if you are planning on participating high risk activities, you do not want to end up in a foreign hospital with no way of paying to get better!

As well as medical cover, another important issue is the loss of personal possessions. Living with your whole life in a bag for months on end means your belongings are vulnerable to being lost or damaged. Most insurance packages will pay out, for lost or stolen goods. You also need to get covered for travel delays, the recent problems with the ash cloud of Europe has highlighted the importance of insurance. Although many people find themselves having to pay out for new flights in these circumstances, you will find that most insurers will pay out for expenses incurred during the delay. This could be an invaluable asset to you on your travels.