You Know What They Say About Everyone Having An Opinion, And Why

In a democratic society, each and every person is encouraged, as well as entitled to both have and voice his opinion. Unfortunately, those being advised by the one offering his opinion, often have to weight what, if any value, to place on the opinion. It often seems that many people who are quickest to offer their opinion, have some of the poorest judgment, as well as limited knowledge or experience. Be wary of anyone that expresses their opinion by citing experience, because not all experiences provide knowledge or value. One should always remember that experience and expertise are dramatically and drastically different things, and while a true expert’s opinion will often provide help and assistance, one who merely has experience often over- estimates the value or quality of his participation regarding that experience. Opinions have varying values, and it is essential to evaluate the giver of the opinion first, prior to paying too much heed to certain advice and experience.

People seem to express their opinions most often when it comes to certain topics and areas. Everyone seems to believe they are an expert when it comes to sports. When the time comes for the “big event,” whether it be a major boxing bout, the Stanley Cup in hockey, the NBA playoffs, the World Series, a major tennis or golf tournament, etc., many individuals who are at best casual fans, offer their opinion about and discuss these events, as if their knowledge was extremely valuable.

Everyone has some opinion about world affairs, politics, politicians, and the economy. Rarely does one hear someone say that their statement is their opinion, but generally express it in such a matter that it appears to be some sort of revelation.

Everyone has an opinion about different types of cars, different restaurants, hotels and resorts, and places to travel to. Unfortunately, these opinions are generally more about personal taste (and sometimes lack of taste) than about anything factual.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that, regardless of the topic, always expresses the “answer.” Often, these individuals express opinions as if they are facts, and far too many of these people are incorrect far more than they are right.

This becomes problematic, however, when someone positions himself as an expert, and consults in area, although he is no where near being expert. Often this expert is simply expressing his opinion, and often his opinion has no more than, and sometimes less value than the person he is “advising.”

One should always remember that an opinion is something that nearly everyone has, and not every opinion should carry authority, credence or weight when making a critical evaluation. On the other hand, when a true expert expresses an opinion on a topic pertaining to his expertise, one should pay particular attention.